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Family History Center

American Family Immigration History Center®

Located in the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration, the American Family Immigration History Center (AFIHC) allows visitors to explore the extraordinary collection of immigrant arrival records stored in the Port of New York Passenger Records 1820-1957. Searching our archives in the Center or online at can help inform your own family's story--inspiring a new sense of your place in the larger story of American immigration.


Port of New York Passenger Records 1820-1957

More than 25 million passengers and members of ships' crews entered the United States through Ellis Island and the Port of New York between the peak years from 1892 and 1924. But our archives expand beyond those years from 1820 up to 1957 and contain almost 65 million arrival records. These historical manifests have been transcribed into this vast digitized archive thanks to the generous efforts of the volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The archives house manifests--ships passenger lists where information about each passenger was written down--which were used to examine immigrants upon arrival in the United States. Now you can search these millions of records for information on individual Ellis Island passengers. To prepare for your search, gather as much information as you can, such as: the passenger's first and last names; approximate year of arrival; "ethnicity" (which may include race, nationality, and religion); approximate age on arrival; ship of travel; port of departure; and whether the passenger traveled with other family members. (Not all of this information is required for a successful search.) Should you need additional information about how to search our database, you will find helpful tips listed here.

Search for Ancestors in Our New York Passenger Records

The Passenger Record Archive

In the passenger record archive, you'll find:
    • Original Manifests - Show immigrant's original name, last place of residence, who the passenger is joining and their location, and other information
    • Passenger Records - Give passenger name, date of arrival, ship of travel, and age on arrival
    • Ship Information - Often with a picture, giving the history and background of each ship that brought the immigrants

You can keep copies of your searches and the passenger records, manifests, and ship images by saving them in Your Profile, which you can open by registering on Ellis Island or here on this website. And you can purchase copies of these documents online or at the Family History Center on Ellis Island. Registration is free but membership expands the amount of documents you can keep in Your Profile.

Search Through 65 Million Records!

The Community Archive

Our Community Archive is a growing collection of annotations to the passenger records. Members of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation create the annotations, which give new information on a passenger's background and life in the United States. Non-members and members alike can view the annotations.

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