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About The American Immigrant Wall of HonorĀ®



What is The American Immigrant Wall of Honor?

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is a permanent exhibit of individual or family names featured at Ellis Island in New York Harbor. It is the only place in the United States where an individual can honor his or her family heritage at a National Monument.  

Where is the Wall of Honor?

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is located at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty.  Currently inscribed with nearly 775,000 names, the Wall is situated just outside the Great Hall at Ellis Island and overlooks the Lower Manhattan skyline. If you're planning a visit to Ellis Island, you can search for your family's name and panel number beforehand to include a stop at the Wall of Honor as part of your day.



Place a Name on the Wall


Is my family eligible for inclusion on the Wall of Honor?

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor displays names of immigrants of all eras, even up to the present day. Included are names representing all ethnicities, all years of arrival, all points of entry, and all modes of travel. Names represent families and individuals, both living and deceased. Some names have been inscribed to commemorate the centennial of an ancestor’s arrival. New Americans inscribe their names to celebrate their naturalization. Virtually every nationality is represented on the Wall from every inhabited continent on the face of the earth. Those who endured forced migration from slavery are included, as are our own earliest settlers, the American Indian. The common element that ties these names together is the celebration of American immigration. 

How can I place a name on the Wall of Honor?

You can place a name on The American Immigrant Wall of Honor using our online order form or you can contact us to request information which will be sent via U.S. mail. Please follow our name inscription guidelines. For each contribution of $150, you can honor the name of a family or individual for future generations. Two-name entries are also available for $225. Names inscribed before the end of the calendar year appear on the Wall at Ellis Island by the following summer. 


Search Wall of Honor Names


What else can you tell me about the Wall of Honor?

The names of individuals and families are inscribed on the Wall of Honor for posterity as gifts of remembrance through donations made to restore and maintain Ellis Island. These donations support the Wall of Honor itself; no government funds are used to maintain this popular exhibit. 

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor was designed by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, the firm which designed the exhibits at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

Wall of Honor Panel Reproductions

The first names inscribed on the Wall of Honor were unveiled in 1990. Today, the Wall includes nearly 775,000 names memorialized on stainless steel panels, each measuring 4-feet tall by 2-feet wide. Each individual panel contains nearly 700 names. For most panels, names appear alphabetically in six columns.

Since the dates of inscription vary, you may find ancestors with the same surname on different Wall panels. Paper reproductions of each Wall panel are available for purchase at the cost of $30.00 (USD) per panel.



Each panel reproduction is printed on parchment paper, suitable for framing and measures 11" wide by 17" tall. These panels make especially meaningful family gifts and are a wonderful reminder of your loved one's place on this moving memorial. Note: To order a panel reproduction, you must know the panel number on which your ancestors name appears. This is typically a two or three-digit number (e.g. - 718).


Tips for Searching the Wall



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