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Commemorative Medallion

Help Support the Statue of Liberty Museum!


Exclusive Offer - Commemorative Medallion

The construction and completion of the Statue of Liberty Museum is an exciting new chapter in Lady Liberty's story. Now, millions more will have the opportunity to enjoy the Statue of Liberty experience. 

To honor your support of this historic effort, we are offering a limited-edition Statue of Liberty Museum Founders medallion when you give at the $35 level or above. You will also be recognized as a Founder of the Statue of Liberty Museum in our digital donor registry online and in the museum. 

This medallion recalls the millions of Americans who sent nickels and pennies to build the Statue's pedestal in 1885. Today, it honors your founding support of this historic addition to Liberty Island and the preservation of Ellis Island.

Additional questions about this medallion or becoming a Founder of the museum can be answered by clicking Learn More below.





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