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About the American Flag of Faces

The Flag of Faces


The American Flag of Faces™ is a "living" and interactive digital exhibit in the Museum on historic Ellis Island, which features a mosaic of portraits throughout the generations submitted by individuals and families.

This exhibit opens with an animated red, white and blue flag populated with user-submitted images. Each image can be clicked on and enlarged. Users can also search by name to call up specific individual or family photos. The Flag can also be viewed online.

All Americans are invited to submit photos of their families, their ancestors, even themselves to become a part of this living, ever-changing American mosaic. When choosing your photo, keep in mind that all images must be cropped to a square. You may wish to review our photo guidelines before submitting your image.

Your Contribution to Add a Photo is Fully Tax-Deductible!

Your photograph and $50 contribution help support the work of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation in the ongoing restoration and preservation of Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. 

Add Your Photo to the Flag of Faces


Upload a digital photograph now—it's easy and fast. Just follow the specific directions to have your photo included on the Flag of Faces. You may also submit a photograph by mail.

There is no deadline. Act now or come back later with the photos you most cherish!

Images submitted to the American Flag of Faces will be displayed online at as well as on the exhibit at the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration and on any related exhibits or products. You must be over 18 to submit photos. To review terms of submission, please see Terms of Use.

The American Flag of Faces is produced by ESI Design and Artgig Studio.



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